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Cases • The Visitor’s Games: 1 project, 7 games

Cases • The Visitor’s Games: 1 project, 7 games

by Redactie1 januari, 2014



A grand total of seven games and interactive installations drastically enhance the visitor center of a large electricity company.


DossierSeriousGamesSeven games and interactive installations spice up the Visitor Center of energy company E.ON.

What is this project? 

E.ON wanted to spice things up at their visitor center at ‘de Maasvlakte’, a harbour and industrial area near the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The Game Agent took up the challenge of developing a wide range of games and interactive installations for visitors of all ages. Monique van Reijen, founder of The Game Agent, invited seven studios to participate in this special project.

These are the studios that participated in this project:

Target Audience

Visitors of the center are Business 2 Business & Business 2 Consumer and include men, women and students of all ages.

How did the games come about? 

Creative directors of seven (game, app and other creative) studios teamed up and worked closely with the client to outline the playing field. During extensive brainstorm sessions the team developed several game concepts. They just let their imagination run wild and the interaction of the variety of different disciplines resulted in highly original and intelligent concepts. In total 25 concepts were developed.

The client then had the daunting task to select the best concepts for their visitor center. A three year plan was made and in the first year seven productions were implemented.

What are the goals?

With so many games, there are many different goals. Some are to inform the public, others are to entertain. Some games are made for knowledge transfer to pupils and students, other to create public awareness and support.

Examples of the different games

  • Interactive floor projection illustrating co-siting.
  • Selection of educational games on the working of the power plant.
  • Audio/visual experience tunnel.
  • Hands on laboratory set up.
  • Virtual experience center.

What are the results?

Knowledge transfer about coal fuelled power generation and CO2 emission reduction. Image improvement for the energy supplier, E.ON. Political support for expanding E.ONs presence and activities.

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Example: Educational mini games

A team of three studios was responsible for a selection of educational mini games on the working of the power plant. The games can be played individually or as a competitive match. All three games provide insight in different parts of the process of generating electricity.

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