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Nieuws • Triumph Studios onthult vandaag nieuwe game — plus beelden Project Meester

Nieuws • Triumph Studios onthult vandaag nieuwe game — plus beelden Project Meester

by Matthijs Dierckx6 februari, 2013

Triumph Studios onthult vandaag de nieuwe game. Dat is in elk geval geen vervolg op Overlord — noch officieel, noch officieus. In een boodschap aan Overlord-fans op Facebook legt de studio uit dat het graag Overlord 3 dan wel een ‘spirituele opvolger’ had gemaakt, maar dat zoiets er in de huidige markt niet in zit.

Althans, voorlopig niet. Wel deelt de studio enkele concept art stukken van ‘Project Meester’, ongetwijfeld de werktitel van de Overlord-achtige game die Triumph dus níet ontwikkelt.

Special Message for Overlord Fans!
Since Summer 2009 when Overlord 2 has been released, we have been working on multiple unannounced projects. The project we’re about to announce today isn’t Overlord 3 or a spiritual sequel. However we have done extensive pre-production, engine work and playable prototypes on projects that would very much appeal to Overlord fans. But with all the volatility in our industry and the coming console transition, the planets haven’t aligned favorably for this type of project to be taken into full scale production – yet. We have high hopes that in the future we’ll be able to bring you humor filled action rpg games with added minions. Overlord was blast to make. Please bear with us that we can’t talk freely about any future Overlord titles specifically as this series is owned by publisher Codemasters. We thank you for your playing our games and hope for your understanding and that you might give this new game a try – you’ll find plenty of Triumph’s signature style there! For now we post this little glimpse of what we have been working on. As Gnarl says: Evil will always find a way! :)

De hoofdplaat en enkele uitvergrotingen:





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